Dec 172015

The genealogy of Jesus in the Gospel of Matthew definitely seems like a trivia read. But, once you realize the special mentions (other than David and Abraham), in the likes of Rahab, Bathsheba, Ruth, Tamar (wait why are they all women? I guess Matthew may have been a misogynist), it shows a very human lineage. Humanity with all its weakness. Family with all its dysfunction.

In the opening to the New Testament, Matthew established a link from BC to AD. To show, that He who is coming will not only be with us, but also be like us, in order to approach us, and reconcile us.

I’ve always thought that the Prologue of St John’s Gospel was the beautiful key to the Mystery of the Incarnation. I guess Matthew’s prologue actually does a good, albeit trivia-heavy, job of it too. By showing where Jesus ‘came’ from, we would understand what He is of.

And as we get into the Christmas season’s full gear, I am thankful — for being human. So that I may experience Jesus in all of you, amid all our imperfections.

(Also posted on Facebook, as Thursday Testimony, aka Day 2 Dawn Masses)

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