Today, You

I choose to remember you prettily
The odds you have conquered
And the hope you never let extinguish
When you ended up being the stronger one for me
The smile that shone in your eyes during times I came around
And the ways you forgave me when I saw you less
Because I couldn’t let you see me shaken and afraid

I choose to let the tears flow
For the beauty that was your imperfect love
For the gratitude I feel that someone like you became a part of my life
For the blessing that you were
Shaping me, forming me
To this bruised but strong warrior that I have ended up to be

I set myself free from the shackles I bound me in
Making peace with the truth that for a long while it will be me here
While you are there
But no matter how far or where “there” is
You are looking at me with those same proud, loving eyes

When I want you by my side
Holding my arm
Walking next to me
I will remember you prettily
Look up to the heavens and smile again
Knowing you also feel the joy filling my heart
Because that is where you are

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