[trans-fic] Because of You…Can This Be Love (Chapter 1)

Translated from the original fanfic written in Tagalog by koreana1112 of Pinoy Exchange (a.k.a Sandara Park of 2NE1)

My name is Hero.  I am in Korea right now.

I am going to look for my mom. My mother is Korean, but I don’t know her yet.  I haven’t even seen her, and I only carry one photo of hers.  Will I be able to find her?

But I have a problem… I lost my bag!!! I don’t have money, and I don’t know anyone here in Korea. I don’t know how to speak Korean. How is this now? Where would I go?  What will I do?


I am Sandara.  Yes, I’m back! I came from the Philippines!  I studied in the Philippines for 10 years and now I am back.  Hello Korea! I missed you.

But I have a problem. I just got back to Korea but I’m already bored.  I’m happy to be back in my country. But, I have no friends here. I miss my friends in the Philippines. I also miss speaking in Tagalog. I miss them. What should I do?

Sandara was about to get out of the airport to board the limo bus but she sees a man in the corner crying.

“Uhm, excuse me? Why are you crying? Can you speak Korean?  Or English?”  (That’s Sandy’s character in this fanfic. She can talk to even strangers!)

“I don’t speak Korean. I lost my bag.  I don’t know what should I do. Can you help me? Please help me.”

“Ah okay, sure!! where are you from?”


(In Tagalog) “Ha, really? You are Filipino? Wow! Me too! I came from the Philippines!”

(Hero responds in Tagalog) “Really? Oh, I’m thankful!”

(Sandara, still in Tagalog) “Hehehe!! Okay, let’s go!”

(Hero) “Huh? Where are we going?”

(Sandara) “To my house! Go, go, go!!”

Author notes: Next episode coming soon…! When? I don’t know! Whenever I feel like writing again! Hehehe! Enjoy!!

translation by: dowotee
original fic by: koreana1112
originally posted on winglin by: erica 1028 




  1. ifa

    waaaaahhhhh so happy hiiiihiiii
    thank you Deeeeee *mwamwaaa

    Dara is so so funny kkkk
    can’t wait for the next chappies >_____<

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