Lady Luck

She always found herself unlucky in love. Never fortunate enough to show love in all the ways it can be expressed.

You see, ever since only God knows when, she learned to fancy this boy with hair colored like roasted chestnuts.
The boy never noticed her. He fancied someone else. Yet, still she loved him from afar.

One day, the boy took the risk and finally noticed the unlucky girl.
She built dreams of sunshine days and birthdays, with him.

She thought she was happy and that he too was happy with her.
But beyond the smile lie sad eyes.
They both knew, that one of them really had a heart somewhere else.

So, they let go. Again, she made peace with her misfortune and let him go.

When she sent him away, she wished, that if she couldn’t love him up close, that at least he would be lucky enough.

She wished him all the love and all the luck the universe can conspire.

That he may be able to find the one that is meant for him. That he may have that someone love him back. That he be given the chance to freely express his affections.

Even with that simple, selfless wish, the girl remained unlucky. She saw him endure heartaches, although not heartbreaks. She saw him question a world that felt unfair. He met the one that was meant for him. It was the same person he fancied from before. They loved each other.

What’s the matter then, you ask? You can think she got her wish but she didn’t. Yes, she really is still unlucky. Because the boy she loves and the person he loves are not free.

And today, staring at the TV screen with her favorite couple across the room, she listened. She heard the words that turned the tide. Luck is finally on her side. Freedom to love came through the news today, served with the day’s breakfast of cereal and fruit.

On the ottoman, her cat purred like it was another ordinary day. Cuddled next to each other, on the couch across from where she stood, she finally saw the love of her life shed a tear in happiness. She saw him reach out to squeeze his loved one’s hand. That boy with auburn hair he fancied since only God knows when. They are free.

Finally, she knows how it feels to be lucky.

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