I cringe when people don’t take care of the feelings of others each time they open their mouth.
My breakfast seems to want to make a return each time someone puts down another person’s hard work.

I scratch my head when someone wants to claim the work of others as their own. Fine, they may have embellished it with something all their own, but still the idea isn’t theirs to begin with. I don’t understand how some people can take full credit for something when they hadn’t given the same full credit due to the person who gave them the idea.

I want to turn a deaf ear when they make excuses for their lack of manners, or when they try to patronize others to feign niceties.

I don’t get them, because I only see one road, and people tell me that it’s a high road, and few people really take it. So I guess that makes me a little socially incapacitated.

Is believing in a gracious world wrong? Is the faith and trust I have that people will always be on the side of people or living beings misplaced?

I don’t know what to do with the people who make me cringe, scratch my head or turn a deaf ear.

My earnest prayer is that I don’t turn into someone who makes me cringe, scratch my head or turn a deaf ear. I hope that even if the road is lonely, I really only take the high road. That beyond wealth, power and recognition, my true goal in life, and the crux of my passion will be that others live a somewhat better life around me — that they feel empowered, valued, and unique.

In the end, I may end up hurting more because the people who make me cringe, scratch my head or turn a deaf ear, can wield power over me. It’s not to say I will yield to them. I know I won’t. But like a wounded soldier, in her dizzied steps, hand over a gash, I will rise. There’s blood in the sand, but this need not be war.

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