(lyrics) Heart of Mine

This melody rings
familiar strains
Of hopes and dreams
Washed away
In the sands
Of time, of pain

As dusk falls
With another teardrop
Wondering if there will be
If there ever is
A dawn after the night

As changes beckon
That they be made
I stand in the shadow
Quite afraid

There is happiness I know
There is love at the end of all
Yet, today all I have
This is all I have
Questions with no answers
Sadness that knows no bounds

All I have, all I have
Cold reality
Dreams shatter
Spirits break,
hearts bleed

So, now I will cry this tears
Waiting for that new morn
Tender whispers,
Be calm
Stay strong
Rest awhile
Life goes on
Heart of mine

Someday, love
Someday, peace
heart of mine…


Heart of mine.


  1. jason

    because this deserves a comment. it’s simple yet honest. and i feel as though i can hear your heart break from here. i hope your heart finds rest soon.

  2. elvie

    used to say its good to touch bottom so you’ll have a better ground to kick your way up from, till i noticed that the bottom seems to have gone deeper and deeper. that’s when i realized that the bottoms are just as limitless as the highs, that some people are more buoyant than others, that life makes sense and does not make sense at the same time, like this comment of mine. lol.

    maybe its okay no matter what we feel. maybe all that matters is that… we feel… maybe!

    1. Post

      I think you make sense, unni. And I think a well-respected author agrees — “Rock bottom became the solid foundation on which I rebuilt my life.” – J.K. Rowling

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