Solace in Darkness

She had dreamed of this trip all her life. She dreamed of it as though it was a journey to find herself. She didn’t think it will be like this. As if running on empty. As if not having a clue as to what to do and where to go. Yet, she goes wishing this adventure will fill the palpable emptiness in her heart. It will not ever make up for the loss she just had to endure, but still she hopes that it will fill the void somehow. Even just a tiny droplet in that void.

She lifts the plane window, and is blinded with the bright sun. It is one of those days when it feels as if the day is endless. The light is blinding. Half the world is welcoming the sunset, another a sunrise.

She wonders how the afternoon will be like when she finally lands. She wonders if she will finally have a clue. Her thoughts float. Thinking about certain trivial things, whether she will get lost, or whether she will be finding. As to what she can find, she can only guess. Will the trains leave on time? Will the tracks be smooth? Will the trip be quick?

Will she come home with a thousand stories? And most of all, will she, finally, know where to go?

She pulls the plane window down, and only for a short while more, she takes comfort. At the solace of induced darkness. She can think it is still night, and find her rest for a while. Before she must face the blinding sunlight again with head held up high.

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