Finding You and Me: Foreword

When two hearts are driven apart by a cruel circumstance, can they find each other again in another lifetime?  And when they do find each other, will they finally be together?   How many lifetimes will it need to be when both parts of a whole soul become one again?   Take the journeys of lifetimes as two hearts find each other again and again and…again.


Iberian Peninsula, 16th century

Rania (Ha Ji Won) is a gypsy girl who lived with her sister in the arid desert.   All her life she served her sister and her tribe, although she didn’t share their same beliefs about life.  A firm believer in fate she finds it difficult to control people’s futures through potions and spells.

Joron (Hyun Bin) is the son of a master enchantress in another gypsy tribe.  He is well known for his own skills in potions and spells.  Revered like a god, he holds one weakness – his tender heart who  believes that destiny holds greater power over any outcome fabricated by magic.

Gemini (Kim Tae Hee) is Rania’s willful sister, who held the highest female position in their tribe.  She is accustomed to always get what she wants, except the one her heart wants – Joron.

Post-Modern Day

Lee Mi-Rae (Ha Ji Won) is a kindergarten teacher.  She is well-loved by her students.  Her pleasant personality earns her new friends and the loyalty of old-time friends.  Having been burned by previous dead-end love relationships, she stopped believing in destiny.  Her friends think she will be a spinster, since at 32, she can make time for everything else, except love and dating.

Joon Yung In (Hyun Bin) is the son of the owner of Korea’s leading pharmaceutical company.  A biochemist himself he thinks everything can be explained by science.  With his aptitude, his parents gave him a top position at the company as its Innovation Scientist, tasked to facilitate discovery of new drugs and cures.  He has an active social life, but finds relationships to be trivial.

Han Jin Young (Lee Min Jung) is Mi Rae’s co-teacher at the kindergarten and also her best friend.  She grew up together with Mi-Rae and had seen her best friend through the harshest of heartbreaks.  She is the only one one who knows Mi Rae’s real views on love and life.  She secretly hopes her bestfriend finds that faith again.

Joon Yung Wook (Lee Jong Hyun) is Yung In’s musician brother.  Although he graduated pharmacy to keep to the family tradition, he spends more time with his musical instruments than anything else.  Yung Wook is his rational brother’s reality-check.  The emotions and poetry in his music gives Yung In perspective beyond science.

Joseon Era

Seon Song Hyeon (Ha Ji Won) was brought up by a palace maidservant.  She had always believed that she was the servant’s daughter.  Growing up, she became friends with one of the palace guard’s sons.  Her fate changes one day when she finds out that she is the princess’ hidden daughter.

Ryu Jung Woon (Hyun Bin) is the son of a palace guard.  He is best friends with the maidservant’s daughter, and as they grew up began to regard her as more than a friend.

Modern Day

Jeon Yoo Rim (Ha Ji Won) is a top fashion model in Seoul who lands herself in a romantic drama with Korea’s most sought-after actor.  Their chemistry on screen in their drama sizzled and she became good friends with her co-star.  Sometimes she felt as if their relationship goes beyond friendship, only to find her heart breaking each time, as after all her co-star is already taken.

Kim Tae Jung (Hyun Bin) is Korea’s most sought-after actor and the country’s top eligible bachelor, that is, if one dismisses the fact that he has a girlfriend.  He co-stars with one of the country’s top-model and his girlfriend’s rival in a romantic drama.  He becomes great friends with his leading lady, and finds a familiar comfortable feeling being around her.

Han Ji Eun (Han Chae Young) is Korea’s top actress and model.   Her boyfriend is Kim Tae Jung.  She believes that their relationship is strong and trusts her boyfriend’s loyalty towards her.  Yet, she will find herself more often in doubt after her boyfriend wraps up a drama with her rival.  Can their love withstand the test of fidelity?


  1. Jason

    Did you seriously think you can hide this from us? 😛 But now that you’ve posted, we respect your privacy. haha. please keep writing! the cast of characters is already making me very intrigued. i am starting to see what you mean when you said that your muse is working overtime. four lifetimes in one story! gee, d’s muse, you’re one heck of a hard worker!

  2. Dita

    sistaaaaaaaa…….. u always make me speechless with your story
    idk what should I say, you always make me amaze with your story… Jincha I mean it!!!
    woaaaaaa… I even could filming it on my mind… LMAO

    I love how u make this one different from your previous FF, not just one era… but you make 4 ^^
    I love it how you bring us to the past …. then back to present with such amazing way!
    Keep writing… remember that you’ll always have a bid fan here ^^

    @Jason oppa : I miss u oppa ^^

    1. Post

      quite soon!! i have some ideas fishing in my head that i wish can make sense. but soon. 🙂 thanks for stopping by. was at your blog too, so hope u dont mind if i blogroll you?

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