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Loneliness defined her life, traveling from place-to-place with the only family she knew, her sister.  Rania knows her sister is different from her.  Gemini is stronger — more determined, cutthroat and sly.  Out of fearful reverence to this dominant figure, she willingly put her destiny in her sister’s hands, catering to her every whim, most times forgetting that they were family and that she was not her slave.

Fending for themselves in the arid desert, following the gypsy way, Rania and Gemini studied charms and spells religiously, trained to make a living out of providing answers to questions people are anxious to know answers for.   Yet, deep in her heart, Rania believed that people, in general, are subject to a fate mostly unknown.  She believed that no one, not even the best of enchantresses, could easily foretell or control this fate.

This half-heartedness towards the skill that put bread on the table became Rania’s identity.  Among her tribe, she was the only one like that, and she earned the reputation as the misfit who can’t get any spell or potion right because of her own confusion and refusal to believe in the magic she was trained for and bequeathed on her.  Until she met Joron.

Joron was the son of another gypsy tribe’s master enchantress.  With a family background like his, it seemed second-nature for him to know and live magic.  Although his spells and potions were almost guaranteed to be effective, he, too, believed that there was more to living than magic.  That there was an inexplicable force that overrules the way he was trained to control the fates.

Joron and Rania met by an oasis’ well one day and instantly connected for the similar ways they view life. Although he empathized with her beliefs, he influenced her to give magic its chance, after all it was the key to living a safe and comfortable life in the conditions they were in. With his expertise,  Joron taught Rania the dark arts. Until Rania learned at the hands of this skillful master and almost became her tribe’s master enchantress, a spot formerly taken by her sister.

Gemini bore a secret longstanding attraction with Joron.  Who could not resist the sage and the wizard that was housed in that man’s body.  But he didn’t look her direction even once.  Gemini was attractive in her own way.  Her hair was long, her eyes deep and it would not take her long to mystify any man, except Joron.  And this frustrated her enough to the point of obsession.  She will make him hers, she promised herself.  Unknown to anyone she worked on unique spells, chants, and potions that will hypnotize him, but none worked.

Joron and Rania, being kindred spirits, fell in love.  It felt like a whirlwind, although it lasted for a time.  They were trapped in their own time whenever they spent moments together, until Gemini learned about their affair.

Unable to accept defeat to her sister – both in love and status within their tribe, she concocts a very potent potion to wedge them apart.  A potion that will make them forget about each other, even through lifetimes to come, sealing the deal with their souls rather than their bodies. It was the easiest way for Joron to be hers, and for her sister to not stand in her way.

But before the dust of the potion takes hold of their consciousness, Joron reminds Rania the truth they both hold.

“Rania, hold on to what you believe.  The cloud of her magic may make us forget.  But, you have to believe. You will find me.  I will find you.  Just because we believe that we are one.  A part of me will remember a part of you in any lifetime we will meet each other. Until our right lifetime comes.”

The dust begins to settle in, and Gemini’s spell takes hold.  Rania was heard endlessly repeating her own chant, attempting to counter her sister’s power,

“One heart. One mind. One soul.

If broken, fate will make whole.

Not the end.

Just chances to find each other again and again.”

And as her tears fell before she closed her eyes to the power of her sister’s potion, the tears became one with the dust, and the color of the dust changed, as if foretelling something, maybe destiny’s power over her sister’s deception.


“I dream the weirdest dreams these days”, Mi-Rae tells her friend while shaking her head.

“Whoa whoa, you should write a drama.  Maybe that can make you rich.  Maybe that can make you famous. Gypsy, huh?  Fate?  Whoa! You don’t even believe in those things!”  Her friend, Jin Yeon, exclaims.

Mi-Rae sits still for a minute and tries to recall the adventure her sleeping mind brought her to.  “But it’s too vivid, like I was there. Like in one way or another, I lived that dream,” she wonders out loud.

She feels a whack over her shoulder, “Hey!  There you go again, thinking too much again!  Let it go, there’s a reason you woke up you know?  The rest of us, real people, are out here in this real world.  Please come back.” Jin Yeon tells her friend half-teasingly.

Mi-Rae smirks, diving her teaspoon again into the tub of ice cream she was sharing with Jin-Yeon.  “The dream didn’t look complete.” She thought to herself.

In an affluent  home somewhere in Songpa, a treadmill whirred continuously, going at least 5 mph, a man running on it is trying to drown his thoughts with the songs coming off his mp3 player.  He’d been shuffling songs as he ran, can’t quite figure out whether to go with techno, trance or heavy metal.  He just needs to push a nagging thought out of his head but it won’t go away.

“Ya, hyung! Are you trying to die from exercise?,” his little brother doing crunches on the benchpress called out to him.

Yung In steps off the treadmill, grabs a towel from the shelf, wipes his sweat and blares at his brother “Get off the press.  My turn.”

“Aish, so bossy this hyung.  If you’re stressed you shouldn’t take it out on me.” the younger Yung Wook complains.

“Leave me alone.  Or I’ll make your right lifetime never come.”  Yung In tells his brother off.

“Mwo?  Right lifetime? What?” The clueless dongsaeng looks at his hyung quizzically.

“Aish, stop asking questions and go, okay?  Forget what I said. I’ll treat you to drinks later.” Yung In calms down a bit.

But his thoughts continue to race “Part of me will always recognize a part of you, in any lifetime.” he kept thinking over and over while he stood alone with his thoughts in the shower.

Rubbing his temple, trying to shake off the thought he thinks, “Who the heck am I recognizing?  In any lifetime, what?  Just when did my rational mind get trashed with this destiny filth?”

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