Life on a Whim

Lately, I’ve been doing many random things. I take the day and go with whatever it decides to inspire me with. I realize this should mean I have more to write about but as I am drifted through events I actually find less hours to actually write. That will change soon, I hope. As I am mesmerized with the beauty and vigor of life, I will force myself to write more so you may share in the whirlwinds that I flop myself into.

Last week, I took a trip out to greet a good friend on his birthday, after the many trips he’s taken out to see me on my birthdays and many other random days. It was a surprise visit that coincided with a business trip. And I will always cherish his amused face when he saw me at their office reception area supposedly to sign for his package. (I really should have worn a bow.) And within that same trip, I went to see Lady Gaga on a whim because she was playing at the arena near my hotel. Yes, I found tickets that were neither outrageous nor skyhigh. And I got Gaga-fied with a good friend. It was the first time for me to be amazed and disturbed at the same time.

And today, I bought tickets for a weekend in the streets of San Francisco — munching on nothing but awesome street food. It brings me pride that my country’s fares will be represented thanks to the adobohobo, sisig and hapasf trucks that will be there. It makes me excited to know that I will also get to try other cultures’ cuisine, in what I always say is the local way to enjoy things — streeting it. and all because twitter, email and everything else led me to it.

so in reverence to what i did earlier this year in trekking half the world over to fangirl in a foreign place, I present this side of me — the girl who is not scared to do things on a whim as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone or harm anything.

random is revived.

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